Styleguides and associated goodies

What to expect when your design firm hands over your new identity files?

There should be a several files created that can be used for a variety of needs from web to print. There should also be a style guide pdf which will set up standard of use for the identity.

When I hand over an identity package it will include:

  • Style guide – details of the official identity colours, how to use the logo and how not to use the logo
  • Print files – Vector (eps) and high res jpeg files to used when your logo will be printed
  • Web files – Image files optimized for use on the web. These will include jpeg, gif and png files.


The style guide establishes usage guidelines and standards for various elements of your new identity, such as logo usage, colors, fonts, images, icons, style, etc. It provides a set of specifications to ensure that your new brand / identity is properly applied and protected. This ensures that not only the company logo, but the entire identity of the business remains consistent and recognizable.

Print Files – jpg, eps

You will be provided with several high resolution files of your logo. I usually include both eps and jpg files. These files may include high resolution (300 dpi or higher) versions of your logo in full colour, black and white or grayscale. The specific files provided and their uses should be listed in your style guide.

Eps files can be scaled to any size with out loss of quality and may contain Pantone colour data. This helps ensure that when you print your logo the colours will be consistent. When sending your logo to a vendor who will print it to a glass, chocolate bar, yo-yo or any of the millions of promo items out there be sure to send the eps file. This versatile file type can be scaled to any size and can handle transparency, so the logo can be applied with out a background colour.

Jpg files can not have transparency and should not be increased in size larger than the dimensions provided. These jpg files are very useful for use in word or powerpoint.

Printers generally use files with a resolution of 300 dpi for printing (for advice on printing and creating marketing collateral from your files give me a call at 403.288.9562 or email).

Web Files – jpg, gif, png

You will also be provided with a variety of files optimized for the web. These will be low resolutions and have a smaller file size. As it is difficult to predict what uses there will be for your web files, it is advisable to contact your designer when you need a web file that has specific dimensions.

There are many other aspects of web files that make each type more or less appropriate for certain uses. I you have questions about web files give me a call at 403.288.9562 or email me your questions.



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