Passionate Presentations

Looking to add passion and punch to your next presentation? ELEVATE will work with you to develop your content, create one of a kind visuals, provide feedback on your skills and ensure your GET REMEMBERED. What makes a great [...]

Vehicle Wrap – Get Remembered

If you worked through the ELEVATE Branding Process, you probably have a good idea of the type of vehicle that embodies your business brand. While you might not always be able to drive or afford that Bugatti [...]

The Yellow Rectangle

This is iconic yellow rectangle has been associated with National Geographic since 1888. Yellow is associated with knowledge and wisdom Consistency and colour is key for brand recognition. Elevate will not only create your brand, but [...]

New URL’s, New Opportunities Your URL is an important part of your brand. Your clients see it in your email address, on your business cards. It is often as identifiable your company name. [...]

The Spokesman

Conquering does not mean always racing to win. James sums up the spirit of loving bikes and riding bikes in this great video from Dean Saffron.

Your brand is not your logo

Your brand is not your logo or your website or your mission statement. It is how customers, clients, and prospects experience and talk about your company. It resides in the hearts and minds of people [...]

Styleguides and associated goodies

What to expect when your design firm hands over your new identity files? There should be a several files created that can be used for a variety of needs from web to print. There should [...]

Michelin Man’s mixed messages

Did you know the Michelin Man, Bibendum, is 116 years old and started life as a large and sinister figure chomping a cigar and drinking champagne. The tagline was “The Michelin tire drinks ups obstacles”. The figure eventually [...]

Welcome to Graphic Design Solutions.

Graphic Design Solutions is a blog created by Corey Brennan, owner of Elevate Graphic Design, that provides simple design tips and tricks to non-designers so that they can improve their existing identity (logo), marketing collateral [...]

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