Work Nicer

For this edition of Behind the Brand we caught up with Alex Putici, owner and operator of Calgary’s best coworking space, Work Nicer, which also happens to be the office space ELEVATE works out of, what a coincidence right?! I digress, ELEVATE created the logo for Work Nicer and is helping bring to life its chosen brand identity. As an excuse to venture outside of the office for a hot second, we took Alex for lunch at his favorite restaurant and bar, The Derrick. For those of you unfamiliar with Work Nicer it is a coworking space located on the trendy Stephen Ave in Calgary, Alberta. Coworking is a growing trend in the Calgary economic scene. Work Nicer is a progressive ...

Octopus + Son

For this edition of Behind the Brand we get Dario Hudon-Verrelli of Octopus + Son to walk us through his perception of the ELEVATE branding process. Octopus + Son is a multi-disciplinary agency of digital marketers, social media specialists, designers and content creators focused on creating engagement-driven marketing. In other words, they cultivate audiences that advocate for your brand.